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What is a structured walk?

Ever heard a dog walker, dog trainer or maybe even a friend say, "You should do a structured walk!" If you heard this from a trainer or dog walker they will have explained it but if you're still unsure read on...

A structured walk is where your dog walks calmly at your heel, with a loose lead. No reactivity, no pulling, no tugging. Just your dog following you, doing what you want them to do.

It's not restrictive, in fact, dogs like structure and rules, they are pack animals and in packs are rules.

Believe it or not, your dog will find this fun, his focus is on you, where it should be. If your dog walks well, they can have a few moments of unstructured walking to go to the toilet, sniff the ground and explore. Before returning to a structured walk, your dog feels like they have a job and they are working.

This does tire out their brain when done right as well as tiring the dog out physically. This doesn't mean you can never ever have your dog off lead again but do it in moderation, have a fun time but also have 'work' time.

Structured walking is more likely to be recommended for reactive, pulling or difficult to walk dogs.



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