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There are many reasons why a dog might be on lead. Seemingly though many people are becoming more and more disrespectful to on-lead dogs. They don’t understand what they could potentially be doing to the on lead dog.

People have no idea how much trouble they are causing to on-lead dog owners or dog walking professionals when they let their off-lead dog come up to our on-lead dogs.

And if you are one of these people who let their dogs run up to every on-lead dog you have no idea the frustration, stress and upset you cause not only the owner/dog walker but the dog too. Which escalates the situation as the dog will pick up on the negative energy within the space.

As a Professional Dog Walker myself, believe me when I say that what we DO say to you and what we WANT to say to you are two completely different things.

The reasons for a dog to be on-lead can be basic to serious.

Let’s take a look at the reasons:

Reason 1: Personal Preference

Some owners prefer to keep their dogs on-lead at all times, the dog will be used to this and will be perfectly happy to walk like this.

Reason 2: Dogs Recall

A dog maybe kept on-lead at all times because the dog has poor recall skills. This is not necessarily due to poor training on the owners behalf but can be down to the personality of the dog too.

Reason 3: The Dog is Elderly

Some owners prefer to keep their elderly dogs on-lead to keep them close by but also so they hopefully aren’t bothered by any other dogs. As dogs age some end up with a lower tolerance towards other dogs, basically becoming ‘grumpy in their old age’.

Reason 4: The Dog is Recovering from Surgery

The dog may have recently had surgery so the owner want to keep their dog close to them but also means the dog cannot run, jump or play and undo the surgery they have just had done. So you allowing your dog to run over is not helping their recovery.

Reason 5: The Dog is in Training

A dog in training needs space and no distractions. Plus you don’t know what this dog is in training for! You could be ruining what the owner has worked so hard to build. You could end up cutting the training session short because you have stressed the dog out. At the end of the day, this dog could be in training for any number of reasons. Keep your distance.

Reason 6: The Dog is Nervous/Anxious/Fearful

If you’re an owner of an off-lead dog you are every nervous/anxious/fearful dogs worse nightmare. This dog is on-lead because it cannot tolerate other dogs at all. It will either try to

flee from its owner, struggle against the owner, twisting in all different manners at the risk of injuring or choking itself. It may lunge, snap, growl or bark aggressively. Purely because they are scared.

Reason 7: The Dog is Aggressive

Some dogs may actually be aggressive as in if they meet another dog they aren’t going to try and flee or bark. They are going to bite. As a dog owner yourself you would then be upset that this dog had gone for your dog but it wouldn’t have happened had you respected the fact that the dog in question was on-lead. Its up to each owner to decide if their dog needs a muzzle or even be put to sleep for their behaviour as each dog is different. Each dog has a different threshold, you don’t even know if this particular dog is having a good day or not. So don’t judge.

These examples cover reasons a dog may not want to meet another dog but it doesn’t just stop there. Dogs might be on lead because they aren’t good with other people, this includes adults and children. So don’t let your dog or your child or yourself run up to another dog thinking it’s okay.

Too many times we hear the phrase, “It’s okay, he’s friendly!”

The bottom line is, it is NOT okay. Just because your dog is friendly doesn’t mean we want to greet you, doesn’t mean our dog wants to say hello. You assume that because your dog is friendly that ours are too.

That’s not true.

So use common sense.

If you see a dog on-lead put your dog on lead and ASK if its okay and don’t be offended if the other person says no.

Respect the on-lead dog.



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